The hereby regulation is designated to assure the correct management of the free fly zone of Norma, supplying a clear communication on free flying procedures, on issues relating to insurance and pilot's licenses of the pilots and on meteorological conditions, in order to avoid any mishaps that may occur.

In the area dedicated to free flying in Norma, activities are allowed, provided that all current in force regulations (DPR 133/2010 and related technical regulations) and the regulations herewith stated are fully respected. This regulation is prepared basing on the ongoing agreement between the parties: Aeronautica Militare 70th Wind (Italian air forces) and Aero Club Union, that can be visualized [here].

Norma Corridor” regulates the entrance of free fight vehicles inside the ATZ area of Latina.

All the pilots are bound to respect all the conditions listed below and will be held personally responsible forthe actions and behaviors that may put at risk the safety of themselves and/or the safety of others.



  1. To use the areas all pilots must be in possession of a valid VDS-VL certificate.
  2. To use the areas all pilots must be provided with an insurance that covers liability against third parties within limits accordant to those required by law.
  3. All foreign pilots from EU area allowed to fly if they hold a pilot's license of their countries and an insurance that covers liability against third parties.
  4. All foreign pilots have obligation to be equipped with a personal FLY CARD, issued by Aero Club Union. The FLY CARD is bookable on  and is valid for the current year.
  5. Flight  schools can organize didactic activities, prior to coordination with all the other schools present in the area, as stated by the Technical Didactic Regulation of AeCI approved by the Ministry of Transportation
  6. The flying location of Norma is the headquarter of the flight school Aero Club Union.
  7. The head office of Aero Club Union is located in Norma, Via Caio Giunio Norbano n° 2 where it is possible to receive all information regarding free flight activities.  Aero Club Union can be reached also by phone through the number 0773-354892. E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  8. Free flight activities are allowed only in eligible meteorological conditions.
  9. All pilots should be reachable in all moments through radio, to receive communications that can be related to flight safety. These communications are done both in Italian and in English.
  10. If needed, the pilots may be asked to leave the flight zone and to proceed to the landing area. Respecting these communications is essential  to assure safety and to allow an eventual landing of air ambulance..
  11. )  All pilots must use the radios on the frequencies indicated in the boards stated both in take-off and in landing areas. If other frequencies are used, it is obligatory to communicate them to the organization.
  12. All pilots must respect the limits of no fly zones, ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zone) and CTR(Control Zone) of Latina, which are indicated on the geographical maps in the take-off and in the landing areas.
  13. Achieving an official of the flight landing in function of the CTR-ATZ Latina is exclusively carried out using specific corridor (Corridor Norma). The Corridor Norma landing area is managed by the NAC Union and its use is authorized after the online registration on the website
  14. The corridor can be identified through the following coordinates:
    41° 35' 13.00" N - 012° 57' 11.00" E
    41° 35' 16.56" N - 012° 57' 02.28" E
    41° 34' 50.73" N - 012° 56' 35.25" E
    41° 34' 55.41" N - 012° 56' 28.82" E
    41° 34' 54.00" N - 012° 56' 34.00" E
  15. The landing corridor is indicated on the maps that can be consulted in the areas of take-off and landing. The corridor can be run across in altitudes of less than 500ft AGL.
  16. The landing corridor can be identified thanks to clear indicators on the ground and through geographical coordinates.
  17. The current method of reaching the landing area is with "8 circuits" in the flat plain area, with an altitude less than 500ft from the ground.
  18. All instruments in use must be certificated basing on regulations EN or LTF and must meet all the safety requirements indicated by the producer.
  19. IAll vehicles must be provided with an emergency parachute.
  20. The use of helmets is mandatory.