Ask for authorization to access 

to the Corridor of Norma



and you'll have the right to fly within the authorized ATZ of Latina 

Authorization is free  but is bound  by:

  • possession of a valid certificate or license (for foreign pilots)
  • possession of a flight insurance
  • respecting the regulation of the flight area of Norma



Flying in Norma 

The takeoff areas of Norma are situated in a Golf area. Free-flying in this area can be practiced without contraindications except for some special conditions. There are currently no restrictions for the use of takeoff areas for hang-gliders and para-gliders and every pilot can use this area freely. In the same manner and for the same reasons, also the top-landing area is free from any restrictions and can be used freely.

On the other hand, straying away from the mountains, one encounters the borders of CTR and ATZ of Latina. The borders of this area are impassible limits.

Since 2017 we have requested and obtained a specific corridor that allows reaching the landing area in the lowlands. The situation of Latina’s airspace is particularly complex with a military airport that is intensifying its activities, as well as being a base for rescue helicopters and for Aero Club Latina. It would be naïve to think that the organization of the air traffic within a similar airspace can be left to self-regulation, especially considering that the landing area for free flight is only five miles away from the airport.


In primis the Armed Forces requested a qualified partner to undertake the procedures for evaluating any eventual concession. In this case, Aero Club of Italy has played an important role of mediation and proposed an agreement between the 70th Wing Command of the air forces and Aero Club UNION, here with AeC Union. 

This agreement provides for a specific relationship reserved only to the pilots of AeC Union and pilots that are AeC Union’s guests. The days when ATZ is active, free flight activities can be done EXCLUSIVELY after coordination between 70th Wing Command of the air forces and a responsible of AeC Union.

This means that there may be limitations/restrictions or prohibitions in the use of the area, depending on the circumstances of the corridor.

Please be noted that this agreement requires that the pilots should read the relevant aeronautical information regarding the concerning airspace and have signed a document certifying that they fully understand the authorization issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on the use of the corridor regulation,  and they are committing to respect these conditions and eventual limitations.


The Aero Club Union has decided to simplify these formalities by providing an easy informative website through which each pilot can easily and immediately fulfill this requirement.

This obligatory subscription is free of charge and can be made from a mobile phone.


On the other hand, the official landing area of the Aero Club UNION situated in the low land. This landing area is the only official one indicated by Norma Corridor for paragliding and hang gliding.

This landing area is available exclusively for EAC UNION. As a result the use of this landing area is granted to members of the EAC Union pilots and guests if in possess of the Fly-Card that can be booked on site.

A pilot who wants to use the lowland landing AEC UNION can do it the first time even though he/she does not have a Fly Card, but then he/she has to request the Fly Card.

The Fly-Card in addition to the use of the landing area allows pilots to use the shuttles to go up to the takeoff area and allows them the use of services such as folding of emergency parachutes and to have discounts in agreement with various touristic and commercial activities.
The cost of the Fly Card is 15€ for the ongoing year and this fee is needed to bear the costs related to the ongoing costs to keep the landing area in perfect conditions.


As a conclusion, a pilot flying in Norma is not bound to do anything, if he/she is willing to take off, sail and land in the Golf area. However this does not exclude the fact that all pilots are required to comply with the rules of law and should be scrupulously informed of the presence of any NOTAM which may cover the Golf area. On the other hand, if a pilot wants to use the standard Corridor as a guest AEC Union, he/she will necessarily have to accept the rules of AeC Union and will have to request a Fly-Card to be able to use the official landing.



Come and fly in paraglide and in hang glider in one of the most beautiful places of central Italy, ideal for free flight thanks to its mystical landscape immersed in the ruins of the ancient Norba, and to its favorable climatic conditions 220 days a year.


For further information contact the Aero Club Union - flight school hang gliding and paragliding